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Episode One – Sex

Amalia is attracted to Jacob, but will she be able to silence that little voice in her head that says it’s too soon for sex?

Episode Two – Fellatio

Amalia is determined to help Jacob finish, even if that means utilising some ‘adult entertainment’.

Episode Three – Poop

Amalia and Jacob experience the unpleasant ramifications of eating Mexican food on date-night.

Episode Four – Cunnilingus

When Jacob can’t find Amalia’s sweet spot, she’s faced with the big question: to fake, or not to fake.

Episode Five – Vibrator

When Jacob finds Amalia’s vibrator, he’s initially curious. But curiosity turns to jealousy when he realises just how proficient ‘Little Finger’ is.

Episode Six – Love

Amalia & Jacob are in love. But will their internal voices ruin things before they can say, I love you?